Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers

Top 50 Australian Writing BlogsThe Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers is compiled (and updated) by Jonathon Crossfield.

Jonathan created the list because he loves blogs and writing:

“With writers sharing their advice and experiences, ideas and observations with each other, everyone can learn from the wider blogging community.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the top five (at the time of writing):

1) Top of the list is Angela Meyer’s Literary Minded. Angela is a Melbourne based writer, reviewer and editor who loves Writers’ Festivals. Angela shares quirky personal posts like her ‘To Read’ list; reviews of films, books, and theatre; interviews and much more. She encourages comments on her articles directly on the blog, and also on Facebook, Twitter and your blog. Many a great read here.

2) In second place is Justine Larbalestier. Justine is the author of the Magic or Madness trilogy and How to Ditch Your Fairy. Her category range is wide and includes gems on her writing goals and milestones and her take on Self Promotion.

3) At number three is Scott Westerfield. Scott’s post Why Pants Are Legal in Kansas provides insight into the fascinating facts to be uncovered whilst researching for historical fiction. The video page includes book trailer for Leviathon and some great examples of how you can use video to connect with your audience.

4) Number four is the Creative Penn, Joanna Penn’s blog on writing, publishing and marketing. Joanna provides a wealth of information and free ‘stuff’ to download; and she also has a blogging for authors and writers multimedia course.

5) At number five is Jonathon Crossfield’s own blog, Copywrite. Jonathon’s Weird guy talks about blogging video provides some great advice for beginner bloggers.

Check out the full list here The Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers and explore and subscribe at your leisure.

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